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Java Applet test



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Start my first Android app (Arnova Tablet 10c G3)

To make my first Android app, the android development website has a nice tutorial written: First Android app

I used the Android Setting Up ADT Bundle with includes the Eclipse software (for programming). This is all that is needed to start making app’s on a virtual android device.

To run the “Hello world” app an a real device, in my case the Arnova 10c G3 tablet (running Android 4.0.3), a ADB USB driver is needed for Windows (I am using Windows 7). The driver I used: ADB driver update for Archos/Arnova/MPMan and other Android devices. This driver can be downloaded from their site by registering, and worked with my Arnova Tablet. The Arnova only comes delivered with storage device USB drivers, and a ADB driver is not available, this driver is needed to debug your first app with a real Android device.

To install the Android USB driver on Windows 7 for the first time:

  1. Turn on Android debugging on your Android device (this is needed to enable debugging mode).
    • On most devices running Android 3.2 or older, you can find the option under Settings > Applications > Development.
    • On Android 4.0 and newer, it’s in Settings > Developer options. Note: On Android 4.2 and newer, Developer options is hidden by default. To make it available, go to Settings > About phone and tap Build number seven times. Return to the previous screen to find Developer options.
  2. Connect your Android-powered device to your computer’s USB port (never turn on mass storage device).
  3. Right-click on Computer from your desktop or Windows Explorer, and select Manage.
  4. Select Devices in the left pane.
  5. Locate and expand Other device in the right pane.
  6. Right-click the device name (such as Nexus S or Android) and select Update Driver Software. This will launch the Hardware Update Wizard.
  7. Select Browse my computer for driver software and click Next.
  8. Click Browse and locate the USB driver folder you downloaded. Select the usb_driver folder
  9. Click Next to install the driver.
  10. If it says it is untrusted, just continue.

Now the Arnova tabled can be used for debugging. Before using this you have to restart Eclipse (the software you use to develop Android apps) with your first app you have made via the tutorial on the Android developer website.

This ADB usb driver does not work perfectly, because sometimes when clicking the “run” button in eclipse the Arnova tablet is not found or is not connecting? I had some cases were it ran immediately, while in other cases it did nothing when I pressed the run button in eclipse.

Couple of things you can try to let it work:

  • Click the arrow after the run button, and select run as > Android application


  • If this does not work try click on the same menu on “Run Configurations”.

Make a new configuration by double clicking “android application”. Give it a name and select your project by clicking on browse.

Go to the tab “Target”, and change the selection of “automatically pick” to “Always prompt to pick device”.

And click on “Run”, after this you can select your device in the list!

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Youtube test movie of the game Skyrim

Just for fun I made this movie of the game Skyrim and uploaded it to youtube.

It is made with:

  • game: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Video capture: Hypercam 2 (1028×796, 30 fps)
  • Video editing: Virtualdub (1020×757, 15 fps)
  • Music: From youtube library, Michael Mills – Bring It Back
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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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